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Album: REACT (2012)

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n the beginning of 2009. The Cyon ProjecT presented the first line-up.

Fabio and Michele's idea for a new band started really quickly to take shape, in fact, with last former band member Nicola, after less than 5 months of life The Cyon Project started recording his first experiment: Allegories. A three-tracks promo, recorded at Bro Studios in Alpignano (Turin, Italy) under the experience of Al & T, members of Goddass, and the great mastering work by A. Vanara.
In November 2009 the band signed with Extreme Agency a contract for booking e promotion. After an intensive live activity, the half of 2010 saw the first evolution, a new rhythm guitarist, Marcello. But something more was about to happen, a further move to complete the real identity of The Cyon Project. During a phase of writing and research, Marco joined the band becoming the new voice in the first months of 2011. in September 2012 just one week before the first single came out, Marcello leave the band. "React" the new single is out the 21 september.After the last line-up change The Cyon Project is working hard at the album with Salvatore Addeo in Lecco Italy.

We had the honour to share the stage with: The Chariot (USA), I Wrestled A Bear Once (USA), A Storm Of Light (USA), The Eyes Of A Traitor (UK), The Modern Age Slavery, Lapsus, Rosa Antica, Nailed To The Ocean, Unconventional Disruption, Ill Weeds Grown Apace, Metvs, Kenningar, Seal, Shadows In Heaven, RageStorM, Dogs For Breackfast, Lou Quinse, Kynesis, Infected, Sexecutioner, Omega Flare, Shroud Of A Mask, TranseaT, Conspiracy, Motherwhig, Psyncoma, DST...

There's no beginning, there's no ending and no way to lock in a precise time, human deep imperfection, abuse, weakness and lack of position. But there is something to make people believe one more time. and that's Cyon, a promise land? A utopist idea? A state of mind? You will give yourself the answer..